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The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles

The Sound of Settling: Looking Ahead to Death Cab For Cutie’s Post–Chris Walla Future

Ian Cohan writing for Grantland:

It is going to be interesting to hear Death Cab For Cutie without Chris Walla’s deft touch.  I disagree with Cohan that the group’s post-Plans material is a mixed bag, particularly because of Narrow Stairs’ expansiveness.  However, for as much as I loved Codes & Keys, there was a kind of safety to that record that seems out of place in the Death Cab catalog.  Hopefully Walla’s departure makes them rethink their sound and their direction in an adventurous way.

In any event, I’ll be waiting with anticipation.  Transatlanticism was the first record I owned where I loved every single track.  It was a record that shook me, as I imagine it shook others that came of age in the early 2000s.  The idea of a perfect album, from construction to content, is something that’s really stayed with me throughout my listening.  Death Cab For Cutie really made their mark with that record, and I’ll always be interested in their output for that reason—regardless of the personal sentimentality I have for their seminal work.

Tragic Times in America

Ben Brooks over at The Brooks Review has outlined what troubles me most about this Ferguson situation.  Of particular note:

If the government is aiming for a police state, we’re halfway there.  After all, the Constitution is just a peace of paper unless good people are willing to enforce it.  The apathy and the ignorance that every level of government has displayed in handling this situation is cause for serious concern.

How to Be Polite

Paul Ford writing on Medium:

I get frustrated when people conflate chivalry with politeness.  Chivalry was a concept that carved out social responsibility in a sea of oppression.  It was a code of conduct that allowed for the private harassment of women while displaying them as objects publicly.  No thanks.  Being polite, on the other hand, requires some level of empathy and respect for the person you’re engaging—to value their experiences and their life on terms that are not your own.  To be polite, therefore, is to listen, while chivalry calls for generalized action in the face of reinforced prejudices.

So the next time someone bemoans that chivalry is dead, ask them if they’d like to buy a corset and revive it.

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The Ambush at Sheridan Springs: How Gary Gygax Lost Control of Dungeons & Dragons

In which the Dungeon Master is exiled from his kingdom.

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2014 Listening—Half Way

2014 is more than half over. Here are my favorite albums thus far, in no particular order:

Mustachioed Pistachios #doodle #cartoon #nuts #mustache #mustacherevolution #sf #igerssf
I AM BECOME DEATH #mustache #mustacherevolution #eyes #sf #igerssf #surreal
BIRTH OF A NATION #mustache #newgodflow #mustacherevolution #mustache #revolution #sf #igerssf
Gothspel Choir #doodle #goth #gothspel #igotsoulbutimnotasoldier #skeletons #cartoon #sf #igerssf
Morning Homicide #cartoon #doodle #eggs #eggsecution #brunch #sf #igerssf

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